Seeking Prayer Throughout the Day

Prayer is an essential part of our life of faith, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. Our new “Seeking Prayer” series, which began on Sunday, July 21, is intended to invite each of us into a deeper life of prayer.

Whether you consider yourself a “prayer newbie” or if prayer is already an integral part of your daily life, “seeking prayer” in new places and spaces, using new or different language and new or different forms, broadens our experience of God’s expansive, diverse, and creative love.

Join us as we travel across the rich prayer world of the Anglican Communion and experience new, or perhaps familiar, voices. As we explore, we’ll discover “seeking prayer” throughout our day invites us into a life measured not by the world’s time, but by God’s. A world where we can stop for a moment and learn to “just be” in the loving presence of our Creator.

The Details:

Each day a new video will go live on CEC’s YouTube page. You can subscribe to the main YouTube page here, be sure to turn on notifications to by notified when a new video goes live. Alternatively, visit this page each day and click the link(s) below to be taken directly to that day’s prayer for the particular time of day you’re praying. By the end of the series, videos will be available featuring Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline, for each day of the week, which can be used over and over as you pray your way thorough your day.

Morning Prayer:

We begin with a form of the ancient practice of Morning Prayer from A New Zealand Prayer Book. Each day’s video is linked below and will go live at 6 a.m. each day.


Midday Prayer:

Next up, Midday Prayer in the Celtic tradition from Northumbria Community. There is one video for the entire week.

Midday Prayer for Every Day

“Lord, it is night” from Night Prayer:

Sometimes the prayer we need is a simple and unexpected one. Join in “Lord, it is night” from A New Zealand Prayer Book’s Night Prayer. There is one video for the entire week.

“Lord, it is night” Prayer for Every Day

Evening Prayer:

As the sun sets, we draw close and breath deeply into Evening Prayer. This week, instead of a video, we invite you to “take your prayers offline.” Print off each day’s prayer from The Scottish Episcopal Church’s Daily Prayer: A Short Form of Morning and Evening Prayer via the daily links below, step outside, and experience God’s presence in creation as night arrives.

Sunday video | prayer


We end our day with Compline from The Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer. Below is an “Instructed Compline” service, to aid you if you are new to the Daily Office or common prayer in general.

Instructed Compline

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