Deep Faith: 2021 Stewardship

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2020 has been a challenging year. It has asked of us more than we could have dreamed, transforming every facet of our lives. Christ Episcopal Church, along with churches across the state and around the world, have been called upon to be more courageous, more creative, and more faithful than we perhaps even knew we could be. Most of all, though, 2020 has challenged us to deepen our faith. To dig down and discover just how deep Christ’s love, and our faith in that love, really goes. 2020 has called us to a new level of faith, Deep Faith.

Deep Faith can help hold us together in the midst of separation. It is the solid core at the center of our lives, whose depths we can dive into when challenges arise. Deep Faith reminds us that we are deeply loved by God and by one another. It reminds us that God is with us and that God will never leave us. And in it we find the strength, resilience, and courage to move forward into an unknown future.

Deep Faith invites us to believe that God knows more than us and that God has our best interests at heart. If any season has called for Deep Faith, it is this one.

So it is with this Deep Faith at our center, I invite you to think and pray about your 2021 pledge to God’s mission here at CEC. God is calling us to not only deepen our own faith, but to share that deep faith with the world in new and creative ways. Your pledge is vital to this work. You can download a printable pledge card which can be completed and returned to CEC throughout the month of November via postal mail, or by dropping it in the mail slot in the red office door, by clicking here. Alternatively, you can fill out an online pledge form by clicking here.

Thank you for supporting the mission of God at CEC with your time, your talents, and your treasure.

With gratitude,

The Rev. Stacey Kohl
Priest-in-Charge, Christ Episcopal Church

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