Daily Meditation #3

Eve (Genesis 3)

“Elohim?” She cries out, starting awake.

Her eyes adjust slowly to the darkness. She looks around the small space where she and her partner, Adam, are sleeping, her eyes digging into the darkness, searching. She can just make him out, his brow furrowed even in his sleep. She reaches out her hand and strokes his hair, watching the anxious lines fade away at her touch. His arms lay limp at his side, caked in dirt and covered in scratches from the thorny plants they struggle to keep at bay in their small field.

Sliding out from under the animal skin covering them both, she listens, ears straining just as her eyes had been. But all is silent. They are alone. Tears well in her eyes as she realizes once again, the voice she heard must have been a dream.

Grabbing another animal skin from the pile nearby, she slips quietly outside; into the pre-dawn darkness. The stars have faded from the sky and the edge of the eastern horizon has begun to glow. She pulls the skin more tightly around her and sits down on the hard earth near the dwindling fire.

She closes her eyes tightly, willing the images she saw in the dream back to life.

Green. Everywhere she looks the Earth is green and growing. The warm breeze brushes against her skin as she laughs and runs, feeling the grass tickle between her toes. The waters of the rivers bubble and laugh alongside her. As do the Creatures of the Earth, Sky, and Water. Life is overflowing with joy and a palpable peace. Woven through it all is the sound of a voice, strong and gentle, calling her by name, “Havah, Havah, my beloved child.”

Suddenly, the vision transforms. With an angry hiss, the pictures in her head fracture and break. “Adam, Havah, my children.” The voice cries out, overflowing with sadness, “What have you done?”

Hot tears fill her eyes as she shakes her head to clear away the memory. She opens her eyes and looks out over the hard, dry earth that is now their home. Regret and sadness well up inside her as her tears overflow and trace paths down her cheeks.

“Elohim,” she whispers, “forgive us.”

“Havah, Havah, my beloved child.”

Her breath catches in her throat. She looks frantically around, but there is no one in sight.

“Elohim,” she cries out, “please, don’t leave us alone!” as she crumples down to the ground, sobbing.

Suddenly, she feels a warm breeze brush against her skin.

“Havah, my child, I will never leave you alone.” She stills herself, listening intently to the voice that now seems to be speaking directly into her heart. “Things are different now than they were in the Garden, and I am still with you. I’m always here, and my love for you will never fade.”

She slowly sits up, eyes closed and tears still running down her face. But this time, a smile crosses her lips. The voice, the words, they are water to her parched soul.

She opens her eyes. The sun has just crested the horizon; it is a new day.

Questions to ponder

I wonder…
What was your favorite part of the story?
Where did you see God in the story?
What is God inviting you to try on today in light of the story?

*Havah is Eve’s name in Hebrew

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