Daily Meditation #23

Elizabeth (Luke 1:5-25, 57-80) Elizabeth had been anxiously awaiting Zechariah’s return all day. His service as a priest in the Holy Temple had ended yesterday and the journey from Jerusalem to their home in the hill country was not a long one. It was a strange experience for Elizabeth, waiting at home for Zechariah’s return.Continue reading “Daily Meditation #23”

Daily Meditation #22

The Daughters of Shallum (Nehemiah 3:12) “Leah,” Bina called to her sister, “over here. We need some flatter stones to fill these holes.” Leah looked up at her older sister perched precariously on a flimsy ladder. “Bina!” she called up, “be careful!” Bina looked down at her younger sister. “I will,” she cried with aContinue reading “Daily Meditation #22”

Daily Meditation #19

Jehosheba (2 Kings 11:1-3) Jehosheba burst through the doors of the nursery, slamming them closed behind her. “Tzofi, hurry! They’re coming!” Tzofi looked up from where she sat on the ground, playing with the infant Joash. “Who’s coming, child?” “The queen’s guards,” Jehosheba responded breathlessly, “they’re coming to kill him. Come on, we have toContinue reading “Daily Meditation #19”

Daily Meditation #18

Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11) Bathsheba lay frozen in the bed. She clutched the expensive sheet tightly and stared at the ceiling, hands shaking. Eventually, she mustered enough courage to turn and look beside her. David, King of Israel, lay snoring at her side. Bathsheba’s breath came in jagged gasps which she desperately tried to silence.Continue reading “Daily Meditation #18”