The Rev. Stacey Kohl, Priest-in-Charge

Pastor Stacey began her ministry at Christ Church in September 2019. Prior to this she served in a variety of roles in other churches, both Episcopal and non-denominational, in Missouri, Minnesota, and Connecticut. She is a story-teller and says, “I believe strongly in the power of stories to transform lives.” Stacey lives in New London with her husband, Zach, and their active toddler.


Bill Small, Senior Warden
George Carr, Property Warden
Steve Kimball, Clerk
Jay Deming, Treasurer
Dawn Erardy, Assistant Treasurer
Rose Anderson Vestry Member (Class of 2020)
Mary Elizabeth Lang and Michael Lillpopp Vestry Member (Class of 2021)
Lisa Carr and Dawn Erardy Vestry Members (Class of 2022

If you’d like the vestry to hear something, you can email them at vestry@cecnorwichct.org.

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